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"Reclassfying" commitments...

  • With Karl Towns committing to Calipari today and announcing that he'll reclassify to the 2014 class, there seems to be a lot of talk about the whole "reclassifying" thing that's happened lately.

    I think people are forgetting that, most of the time, these big name recruits are old for their grades (i.e. held back at some point).

  • This is one of the things that gets most lost in discussions about recruiting. Kids start school in different states at different ages, and some kids are held back either to repeat a grade or just start later than they could have. Add in that kids mature at different rates, and you have the makings of a lot of murkiness when it comes to comparing players. This is, of course, one of the reasons that early rankings (like 8th graders and even sophomores) are so notoriously unreliable. A kid like Zach Peters who is almost a full year older than the rest of the competition looks like a world beater in 8th grade, but when the other kids in his grade start to mature as well and he stops, that gap closes quickly (and frequently that kid is passed). It's a catch 22 of taking really early commitments (as of this month, both non-Kansas kids to commit under Self before their junior years had begun have transferred).