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  • So I watched the first half of bedlam yesterday and came away thinking what i predicted on Phog is going to be right. First OU will finish ahead of Ok State because of superior coaching. Second OK State will not finish in the top 3 in conference despite all their talent. Travis Ford is a joke of a coach. It's basically shut down Smart you have stopped OSU. It might be fun making a post on phog come March for those OSU posters who despise me for being right

    Edit: hate it when I click post before I'm done. On OU I'm very impressed but not surprised with the improvement under Kruger. He gets the most out of his talent and just wins wherever he coaches. I really think the Sooners will be a top 4 team in conference as long as Kruger is coach

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  • I agree Lon Kruger is a very good coach. Ford is in a tough spot. The injuries and legal problems his team has had to deal with over the last three have dealt him a bad hand. But if they don't make the tourney this year, they will fire him for sure. They have a tough stretch of games coming up after they play TT and their season could spiral South:

    @ Texas Tech- probably a win
    @ Baylor
    West Virginia
    Iowa State
    @ Kansas

    They have to win 3 of those 6 and that may be tough to do.

  • I totally agree that Kruger is one of the best game coaches in the conference. His recruiting is pretty high up there, too. If he'd not decided to spend so much of his career bouncing from job to job, he'd probably rate higher career wise to most people.

    Ford has had some things to deal with, to be sure, but a lot of that is based on the quality of individuals he has allowed / needed around his program. That being said, I've never understand the sentiment that OSU had this wild abundance of talent this year. Sure, Smart is a great college point guard and Nash is ultra talented, but they both have significant issues as well - Smart is too thin to handle the rigors of a conference schedule, and Nash is a classic high ceiling, low understanding of that ceiling kind of guy. Don't get me wrong, I like them both a TON, I just don't think either of them is the kind of guy who steps into the spotlight from day one and is the "go to guy" for a BCS-level program.

  • This is such a strange conference this year. KU is the only team with talent and a coach. The next closest might be KSU and Weber (who is not the X and O guy most credit him for being but is not a dumpster fire either) but I am not sure that KSU really has any NBA level talents (McGruder will get a look but other than that...).

    But the next two teams with NBA talent are both coached by absolutely awful game coaches in Drew and Ford. Both can beat you by shooting a ton of 3's but neither has the slightest idea what they are trying to do on a basketball court.