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North Carolina...

  • Is in some big time NCAA trouble if they can't come back and beat Miami tonight.

    Two huge huge huge blocks by Kadji. Impressive performance late.

    UNC has no real quality wins and is as likely as not to have a below .500 record in the ACC at this point. I don't see how they get in without doing something like splitting with Duke and NC State and I don't think this squad can do it.

  • Roy's gone to the every other year coaching.

    Live to love, love to live

  • It is strange. He refuses to change that system at all. Basically with UNC you can look at their PG situation and know if they can make a run that year. He compounds it by letting his team just run up and down the floor against bad teams when you would think he has to know his teams won't have the talent to do it against real competition.

    This years team badly needed to be working on installing a half-court offense that involves all 5 guys because they don't have a PG to get them easy ones in the full or half court. Yet instead they played a bunch of 75-80 possession games against crap teams and learned nothing.

  • 10-5 they better start thinking NIT

  • People are trying to figure it out on twitter, but don't really get it. With the way UNC can pick and choose recruits, it really is a monumental failure. If the system is all there is, and the system requires an elite point, how does Roy ever not have at least one?

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  • Well theoretically didn't Roy get the elite point guard out of the last class in Marcus Paige (admitedly, out of a VERY weak point guard class)? I think UNC's problems run deeper than just not having that top flight floor general they normally have. They run poor half court offense. They don't defend very well. Their coaching staff, in my opinion, is poorly constructed. Outside of playing at UNC, what qualifications does Hubert Davis have as a coach? I'm also wondering if the fact that UNC basically picks an chooses stars to play there is having a problematic effect. Where are the role players who will do the little things to help the team win?

    I'll admit that some of this is an overreaction to the poor start to the season. They did lose 4 first rounders from a team that was a #1 seed in the tournament last year. A lot of the players this year are being asked to step into roles that they didn't have to fill last year and that can be tough. I think that's the brilliance of coach Self, he seems to get role players from the year before to step into staring roles every year.

  • On your first point I would agree their problems go beyond having an elite point guard but I think that is how Roy has solved those problems before. He has not coached passable half court offense since before the Gooden group moved through at KU. While I generally agree with his approach for a more talented team (basically that more possessions makes upsets by bad teams less likely) I think he has gone way too far off the deep end with the concept. Fundamentally I think his mistake this year was letting this team, which does not have the play makers that last years team did who bailed them out in the half court, play 75-85 possession games against all the bad teams on their schedule. The team learns nothing from doing that. It drove me nuts the first few years but I eventually figured out that is why Self kind of restricts the running off of makes or even rebounds early in the year. The team learns nothing from it. Any elite program can simply run crappy competition into the ground.

    I don't think UNC can claim talent problems or lack of role player problems though. I think it is a coaching philosophy problem. In addition to them just not being good in the half court they are trying to play through McAdoo who sucks. The guy is playing the most minutes for the team yet brings no defensive presence. He is not a great rebounder of the ball (both Withey and Young are better). And he shoots poorly from the floor (45%) and the line (62%). The guy keeps shooting the ball and Roy keeps pounding it in to him. Kid took 23% of their shots last night and hit 5-14 from the floor. Thing is I don't think Roy has it in him to demand tough post defense from his big kids and then run a guard oriented offense. The guy is just too inflexible.

    I think that more than anything is why you don't see guys step up into new roles unless they fit them perfectly. McAdoo was basically the same guy last year (an inefficient but high energy post player) and expecting him to step in and carry the offense is just flat stupid. subscription