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How far can they go......

  • As we look forward, it's easy to envision this Kansas team going into the tournament at 32-2 or 31-3 and being the #1 or #2 overall seed, putting them in the South Regional in Dallas. While I think that Kansas has a shot to win the whole thing, a closer look at things makes me a little nervous about this team. At the end of the day, their marquee win is going to be over an Ohio State team who will finish around #20 nationally after going through the Big 10 grinder. They won't have played any Top Ten (or even Top 15) teams and will be relatively unchallenged after beating up on a weak Big 12 Conference. I'm not saying that this team can't win the title, I'm just saying that this is a concern for me in looking at this team.

    In my mind, Kansas is going to struggle against teams who have guards who can attack off the dribble and guards who can pressure the basketball. I know that the tournament is going to be based on match-ups but I'm curious to hear the opinions on which teams you would like to see during the tournament and which teams you would like to avoid. What do you think?

  • Do not want to see VCU, Indiana, LaSalle (if they make it in), despite their recent struggles Louisville. Basically I don't want to see a team that has strong guard play that can light it up from the outside. That could spell doom for KU.

    I'd much prefer teams that maybe have one good guard that controls their tempo, put Releford on him and problem solved. What teams not sure.

  • Off the top of my head, I do not want to see Butler or VCU early, and I would prefer someone else take care of Duke w/ Kelly and Florida (though if we play either Duke or Florida, it almost has to be in a Regional Final, so it's been a moderately successful run even if we lose then).

    Louisville just doesn't bother me much because as good as Siva and Smith can be, they seem to struggle with getting shots blocked, and both have a penchant for keeping the opposing team in the game as much as they do Louisville.

    Michigan doesn't bother me, but it probably should bother me more because we don't have a great way to stop Burke. Our best perimeter defender (Releford) isn't nearly as effective on the ball as he is off, and Johnson and Tharpe just don't stop dribble penetration enough. McLemore would have to progress significantly defensively and in offensive assertiveness and Withey would have to buckle down and not let a frosh shove him around.