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Can Self Catch K's 1000+ wins?

  • He's got the best shot.

    Catching Coach K: Can anyone match Mike Krzyz

    With more than 400 career wins and an Elite Eight appearance to his name, Larry Eustachy has had a very successful college coaching career by any measure (see Thursday's column). Chances are, though, whatever he does with the rest of his career, Eustachy won't come within several hundred wins of Duke's Mike Krzyzewski, who is rolling inexorably toward becoming the first head coach with 1,000 Division I wins.

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  • Self in my view would need K to quit sooner rather than later.

    It would also help if the season is expanded to more games as well. I just don't see Self wanting to coach until he is 70. Frankly I don't see a lot of guys wanting to do that with the money being as good as it is and recruiting being as hard as it is. By 60-65 Self will have a net worth of tens of millions, unless he just blows it all, and will likely have established himself as the best coach at Kansas if he manages to win another title or two. Why keep doing it?

    I also think the NBA thing is overblown for two reasons.

    1. I don't think NBA teams want college coaches anymore. They have almost all been disasters.
    2. The money is not that different anymore.
    3. Any decent agent can tell you that the average NBA coach has a really short lifespan. Self can coach at KU for basically as long as he wants and be adored.

    I think more so than Roy or Larry Bill Self is aware of what he could be at KU by sticking around for a long time. I don't think he is leaving that for an NBA rebuilding job and I don't think anyone with a veteran and established NBA squad that has legit title aspirations is going to be looking to hire a college coach anytime soon. The track record for them is too poor to risk it if you have the right roster.

  • Not a chance. I am hoping that Self could win 31 games this year, at least, and get to 300 victories in 10 years at Kansas. No coach has ever won 300 games in a 10 year period. Back to catching K, Self is 454 games behind Coach K. Assuming they finish the season with the same number of victories, Self would have to coach 15 years averaging 30 wins a season (+4 games) just to catch K in wins right now. IMO K is someone who wants to make sure he is the greatest. Thus, he will stay in the game as long as Boeheim is coaching as Boehim is just a little over a season worth of victories behind K. So, I see Coach K and Boeheim staying in the game for at least another 5 years. I just do not see Self coaching well into his 60s, let alone 70+ to catch K and Boeheim.