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247 Sports Updated 2013 Rankings


    Greene 18
    Selden 26
    Frankamp 41
    Embiid 51
    Mason 82

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  • If Self gets Randle (God I hope Self can land Randle) this class will rival the 2005 class in pre-college rankings/hype when Self got 4 consensus top 30 kids.

    Greene is probably as high as he can get given he isn't the cailber of athlete of most of the players ranked ahead of them, although I will take Greene in a game of horse against any of the guys above him.

    There doesn't seem to me that there are 25 guys better in this class than Selden. I assume his lack of consistency with his outside shot is whats holding him back from a higher ranking. But watching his vids its surprises me he isn't at least top 15.

    I am perhaps biased but there certainly aren't 40 players more skilled than Frankamp, and there may not be anyone better than him as a pure shooter - Matt Jones and Matt Thomas are probably the only two guys in his class.

    I expect Embiid to continue moving up than rankings during his senior year and end up top 30.

    Not sure how much more Mason can move up the rankings unless he starts to show that he can shoot the rock from outside.

  • The way I would describe Frankamp is that he is accurately rated but he has value in excess of his rating because of his ability to shoot the ball. There will be more talented players in the class but Frankamp will be an extremely valuable offensive piece for KU for many years. Some of those more talented guys will come into their programs, put up 15 shots a game and average 17 PPG as freshman on 45% shooting and then take off for the NBA. I know who I would rather have.

    You can't take a whole team of Frankamps but having one or two can really make defending your team a lot harder.