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Welcome to Jayhawk Sports Report!

Welcome to Jayhawk Sports Report! Those of us here want to thank you for stopping by and giving us a chance to be your go to site for KU sports news. We hope that together with our users we can create an internet community run by KU fans for KU fans that we can all enjoy for many years. Our goal is to be a stable home on the internet for the KU community that many will visit daily for the latest in KU news and fan interaction.

There are a few important things we wanted to tell everyone who is considering joining this community. We want to be upfront with our users so they know exactly what they are investing their time (and for those who choose, their money) in as you are all critical to the success of this place.

1. Jayhawk Sports Report is not being run for profit

Make no mistake, 247Sports is a for profit business that provides recruiting news and other premium content to paying members. Jayhawk Sports Report fully supports them in that endeavor. The more subscription users we have, the better the content we will get and thus the better this community will be. When we say we are not being run for profit we are speaking exclusively for those of us with Jayhawk Sports Report who will moderate and administer the message boards, promote the website and provide the non-premium content to this community. We want 247Sports to profit from subscriptions so they can continue to invest as much as they can into providing more and more high quality content and an ever-improving software product for our users. If income beyond that is generated, it won’t end up in our pockets, we will find a way to invest it in this online community. Certain negotiations are still underway into how this works but we felt it was critical to assure the community of what our intentions are. When specifics become available in regards to this point we will provide them to the community at large.

2. True Premium Relationships

We can’t say enough nice things about working with 247Sports to this point. The business people have been fantastic in working with us quickly and responsively. They have understood the situations we are all coming from and the frustrations many people have run into with similar services offered. To that end, they have offered an outstanding package for KU fans that make the switch.

Everything on Jayhawk Sports Report will be free until the end of the year so you can see it before you buy it. If you sign up now, you get free VIP access for the rest of 2012 - just for signing up! We want to prove that we are worthy of your subscriptions, and we are here to listen to your requests.

If you have an existing subscription to a KU sports related website 247Sports will honor the remaining subscription term here when you sign up with 247Sports. That means if you are paid through June you get those extra months credited towards your subscription here.

Beginning immediately, Jayhawk Sports Report provides premium service from the following experts:

Jerry Meyer- Meyer joined 247Sports from this past summer and has decades of experience coaching, analyzing and covering basketball. Jerry will be active here at answering your questions specifically on KU hoops recruiting and also on the team itself.

Gerry Hamilton- Gerry is 247Sports lead National Football Recruiting Analyst, heading up prospect rankings. Known as one of the top evaluators and news breakers in the industry, Gerry was one of the first employees hired at 247Sports. He previously has worked for, Fox Sports and Gerry also has deep ties to the Big 12 basketball community and, as a former college basketball player himself, will contribute with regards to that sport as well.

JC Schurburtt- JC manages 247Sports national recruiting coverage for football and basketball and is a national football analyst. Like Gerry, JC was one of the first people hired at 247Sports and came here from Prior to his stint at ESPN, JC worked at as a football recruiting analyst and recruiting editor.

Brian Perroni- Brian joined 247Sports from this past summer and leads 247Sports recruiting coverage in the “Big 12” region and also is the lead JUCO scout. He is a tireless worker and a skilled reporter and analyst and is going to be a major contributor here on JSR.

One thing we are not going to do is dangle promises of future improvements in front of you until they are firmly in place. We will always be working to improving this place and 247Sports has committed to putting in additional resources as our user base grows, but we don’t want to promise things that can’t be delivered. If you sign up for premium you will get access to great content and articles from the above professionals who are committed to being responsive on the subjects that KU fans want to hear about. The larger our subscription base grows the more money 247Sports will invest specifically in Kansas experts. Together with the 247Sports team, we have already identified a potential part-time hire to provide game day breakdowns from an X's and O's perspective, something we believe will already make us different from competing sites and services.

3. Run by Jayhawk Fans for Jayhawk Fans

Jayhawk Sports Report is being run by fans of our Kansas sports programs. We are the same people you have seen in various internet communities over the years. We are the people you see at your tailgates and the same people who camped out for basketball games when we were students. We attend and watch the games, rejoicing in the wins, and commiserating in the losses. The people who moderate and administer this community will always be interacting within it, or they will be asked to be replaced in their leadership role. We have deliberately structured our group to ensure that anyone who is involved with managing the community at large is required to be involved in it on a regular basis in some fashion.

Anyone who is a moderator on this site will have the same access to information about what is going on as any administrator. Those in these roles are going to be carefully selected as they will have a say in the overall direction of the community and play a huge role in creating a fun and permissive environment on the message boards. Those of you with a long history on KU message boards will recognize many of these people.

So who are we? Discussions with 247Sports started with Aaron Markowitz, known in other online communities as TempeJayhawk and here as AaronM. The founders also include the familiar names bhamhawker, BigJKU316, HAWKNMO, jjrussell, LTLhawk, PRJHAWK and WestCoastHawk.

4. A Great Free Product

In addition to providing a first class premium experience for those who choose to support us in that manner, Jayhawk Sports Report is committed to providing a great free product. Our team looked over the available partnership options and concluded that 247Sports offers the best arrangement for the online Jayhawk community.

The message board technology, we believe, is very strong. It offers users of all browers, indluding mobile, the ability to do everything they want, including linking videos, pictures and other websites. It also provides, in an unobtrusive fashion, the ability to up and down vote posts as well as tweet out links to anything you think other Jayhawk fans should take the time to read. Even better, 247Sports has committed significant resources through 2013 to improving and enhancing this software even more.

There are a variety of filtering options that allow you to follow just certain boards or even specific users if you are pressed for time and want to make sure you see posts from a small group of people when you don’t have time for the larger discussion.

The mobile interface for both the website and the message boards is well developed and automatically recognized by most phones and tablets. Our group has had excellent results using it on a variety of phones and tablets already. So when you are at the game, you can upload photos directly from your phone to the message board with a few simple taps of the screen.

The site home page has a Twitter feed that automatically routes through tweets related to Jayhawk sports, commitments and prospects to keep you up to date on the latest news. Great for those who do not use Twitter themselves or those looking for people to follow to keep up with the latest.

Those of us with Jayhawk Sports Report are thrilled to be able to bring this opportunity to Jayhawk fans everywhere. Many of us were involved with great things elsewhere that we are sad to leave behind, but we are leaving those things behind because we strongly believe that this partnership with 247Sports provides something unique for the online Jayhawk community.

Thank you for considering us and Rock Chalk.


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